All about Khichdi- India's National Dish

All about Khichdi- India's National Dish

India is a country with Unity in Diversity & a land enriched with culture & vast heritage. Indian food has 6000+ year old historical background & has an influence of different culture. Every region has their own claim to fame dishes & different style of cooking, their flavours & speciality change with landscape.

On the same ground today I am talking about dish whose history dates back to 305-303 BCE and this dish is popular in modern Indian also. Yes, I am talking about ‘Khichdi’ which is very common food of all Indian kitchen from north to south & east to west irrespective of in which part of India you are in. This dish is also as modern as you will get in all 5 start hotels and in Indian best restaurant serving in town.

This dish is easy to digest and full of nutrition , helps to detoxify your digestive system & the ingredients used for prep improves energy level, immunity & digestion.

As mentioned, this is a very common & popular Indian dish which one will find in all part of India, so, you will also get more countless varieties of khichdi in India. The basic ingredients of this dish is ‘Rice &Dal(Lentils)’ added with different spices, vegetables or non-veg depends on region to region few of which I am going to mention below :

1. Odisha: In Odisha a very popular type of Khichdi served in Jagannath Temple, Puri as prasad called “Ade HenguKhechudi” which is simply made of Rice, Lentil, Ginger &Asafoedita. Otherwise people at home cook Moong Dal Khechudi and served with varieties of accompaniments.

2. Gujrat: In Gujrat Khichdi is served in various flavours such as Sadi(Plain) Khichdi, Masala Khichdi and served with Kadhi.

3. Bihar: It is made with rice, dal & garam masala & eaten with ghee, Baigan ka bharta/ Aloo ka Bharta, tomato chutney, pickle etc. it is eaten very Saturday in North India and also at dinner during ‘Makar Sankranti’(Festival day as per Hindu Calendar dedicated to deity Sun).

4. South India:BisiBele Bhat which translates to ‘Hot Lentil Rice dish’ in Kannada language is whole some meal. It is believed that this dish is originated in Mysore Palace.

5. Hyderabad/Telangana: The Muslim community of Hyderabad & Telangana State makes Khichdi as a common breakfast dish & is an important part of Hyderabadi Cuisine. This dish is called Khichdi, Kheema, Katta , commonly eaten with omelette as well.

Khichdi is eaten along the length & breadth of India by rich & poor both. This dish is promoted as “Brand India Food” globally & unveiled first to other part of world at the global food show- “World Food India” in year 2017 and promoted as an Indian Superfood.

Manish Dubey
Food & Beverage Professional | Food Blogger