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For hospitality guests, unclean means unsafe – and nobody wants to stay where they don’t feel safe. Provide your guests with a clean, safe and sanitary ‘home away from home’ with The clean Busters cleaning and sanitizing services.

Hotel sanitizing services have never been more important in India as in our current pandemic. Due to the increased risks associated with bacterial and viral contaminants including Covid-19, our sanitization and disinfection services for your hotel premises, ensure the health and safety of future customers and staff.

The Clean Busters in association with Pristine Waters offers most effective disinfecting and outbreak prevention technology in the market and combines them into one effective and affordable result that Hotels and Restaurants can benefit from. We offer a comprehensive range of expertise infection services.This is a proactive service for surface and spatial disinfection. Our services are managed in a safe compliant and effective manner.


 - The most advance technology in the field of Electrochemistry process.
 - Effective and safe against Bacteria, Viruses, Moulds & Fungi.
 - Safe on Humans, Pet Products & Toys.
 - Disinfection of Hotels, Restaurants and other food vendor outlets.
 - Disinfectant Spraying System ,you can disinfect lobbies, corridors, washrooms, utility closets,outdoor playing and sitting spaces, pantry,kitchen surfaces and equipment,     dustbins, compactors, restroom fixtures, toilet seats, locker rooms ,telephones, doorknobs, furniture etc.


Disinfectant Spraying Systems is Hypochlorous Solution and Sodium Hypochlorite. Hypochlorous Solution is a power oxidant that is effective against the bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi, and other pathogens and also safe on humans. Both these disinfectants, Hypochlorous Solution and Sodium Hypochlorite are recommended by Leading Health care organizations like World Health Organization (WHO), Centre for Disease Control,USA (CDC),Health Department.
Let do what we do best and sanities/disinfect your hotel premises. This will assist you to ensure optimal health and wellbeing for staff, clientele and restore trust to your business.

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