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Housekeeping issues that damages hotel revenue

Ms. Bhavna Futane

The housekeeping dept is vital for the overall success of a hotel as it not only enhances each and every element of the hotel face but also assist in generating highest revenue and vice versa can damage the hotel revenue also. And this puts a great amount of responsibility on the shoulders of housekeepers in the hotel industry.
Same of Housekeeping issues that can damage hotel revenue and advice how to avoid it!!

1.    Low quality products

Using low quality products can really damage your profits. Their appearance will decline faster and they are more likely to breakdown often. Having to buy replacement will eat into your profits, especially if you have to buy on a regular basis. Do your research and then buy right product for right purpose. When buying from some suppliers, you can sometimes negotiate a cheaper deal if you buy in bulk.  

2.    Process failure

The basic procedure is anticipated and guests demand high standards. They are unlikely to return or talk about you if they have bad experiences. The result of these negative comments will cost significantly more in lost revenue than if you’d just implemented adequate housekeeping process in the first place and also cost of refund and replacement to guest as service recovery is and loss of revenue to hotel.

E.g. Damp patches

Damp patches on the walls or on the carpet will suggest to guests that the hotel is not being well maintained. They look unsightly and when guests have spent their hard-earned money on a room, they don't expect to be in a room that looks unacceptable.  

In some cases, some damp patches will come out of nowhere but to help avoid any unwanted surprises, all housekeeping staff must check rooms thoroughly (and this can be done when tidying). If any damp spots or cracks appear, they must be noted and fixed as soon as possible. Guests should be moved to an alternative room if their room is not suitable.
3.    Impact of service quality on revenue 

With hotel hygiene being high on guest priority list, their opinion can damage gravely  to your reputation if it doesn’t meet expectations just one negative review can lose hotels around 30 guests according to a study this can have severe consequence in revenue losses. 

Eg. Hair in the bath or on the floor

A clear sign a room has been insufficiently cleaned is the sight of hair in the bath or on the floor. Over time, some employees may try to take shortcuts by not hoovering or sweeping up. To avoid these types of housekeeping issues, make sure all your staff have plenty of time to tidy each room. Shortcuts are often made because they don't have enough time to complete their work. And also make random checks to ensure all your staff work to a high standard every time.

4.    Guest Handling 

Bad mannered staff is one of the most common housekeeping issues that can impact profits. Guests will remember any impolite staff members and will likely tell other people who are looking to book holidays. By checking comments cards and online reviews you will be able to see if there are any complaints about specific members of staff. If there are many complaints about one staff member, that employee should be spoken to. One bad experience can prompt a guest to book elsewhere in future and deter other people from visiting so all staff must be professional and polite at all times. 

5.    Safety and security procedure 

The guests who come to the hotels come with an understanding that they and their belongings would be safe and secured in the hotel during their occupancy in the hotel. The safety and security aspects play a very vital role in hospitality industry as this industry is dependent largely on the customer relationship with the hotel. If the guest encounters any security issue during their stay in the hotel, it leads to dissatisfaction and revenue loss.


The security of the people encompasses security of hotel staff and the most important security of the guests. Out of these, the security of guests is of prime importance as it can affect the business and operations of the hotel. 

For the security of the guests, there should be efficient guest’s room security, wide angle door viewer, night torches, chain on doors etc. Even the hotel staff should be briefed not to reveal any confidential or any sort of information of the in-house guests to the outsiders. 


Broken lights, electrical switches or appliances can be really frustrating and safety issue for guests. If this become a constant problem, it can deter people from returning to your Hotel. Which will end up impacting your profits. Housekeeping must perform daily checks to ensure all electrical equipment’s are working properly. There will be times when guests will come across a bulb that needs to be replaced but by having regular checks you can reduce the chance of guests suffering an inconvenience andhaving safety issues.Also, ensure your electrical stocks are maintained by a reliable supplier. Low quality and ineffective bulbs and electrical equipment will save you money at first but they will cause more financial problems down the road.

Having an efficient housekeeping team and a smoothly run establishment is key to a successful hotel

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